Could You Point Me To the Real Literature Shelf?

I love Shellie’s thoughts on It-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Linked. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every bookstore thought to do a little more shelf-crossing? I think we all like to be surprised by something we may not have known we’d love. I found some of my favorite books that way.

And it would be pretty great to trick some of the haters into realizing how truly awesome YA books can be!

An Exaltation of Larks

Like most young-adult fiction writers I know, I spent a good deal of last week thinking about a certain Slate article that claims adults should be embarrassed for reading YA fiction. Hereto that article shall be known as It-Which-Must-Not-Be-Linked.

Many writers and readers have already pointed out the flaws in the piece, for instance, that the author makes sweeping generalizations about the YA genre. Or that genre-shaming is frequently aimed at books for women and children. (And, for that matter, written by women.) That adults can benefit from reading about teen-age experiences. That marketing, rather than quality, defines what is or isn’t YA. And, of course, that no one should be telling anyone what to read.

And then there’s my favorite response to the idea that adults should be embarrassed by what they read:


It’s not like we haven’t had this dust up before…

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